About me


Welcome and come in! Thank you for visiting this blog. It is a joy for me to have the opportunity to exchange thoughts with you on various topics that excite us, walking along the Path. I’ll be happy to help each one of you to get your important personal insights. And why not to make together with you all those little ripples that could cause favourable changes in the collective consciousness.

Perhaps it is the right place to introduce myself. When I am asked to do it, this is an occasion to think how long a path should one walk to gain enough reason to say „I am what I am.“ That is the path I write about in my blog. And though I will tell you stories about the path from different perspectives, it will not change the big picture. Because through any single part we can foresee the truths for the whole. This path leading to the knowledge of our authentic nature and the Universe (both can be reduced to the same) will take us to our truths on any life matter that excites us – whether in the fields of nutrition, healthy lifestyle, our relationships with others, the realization of our potential or another topic. It will lead us to a deeper understanding of Joy, Light, Love, All That Is …

Despite the fact that any identification with someone or something in one way or another narrows and limits the brightness of our multidimensional nature, you can still call me by my name – Ivan Vasilev and contact me via email zdravelei@gmail.com or the contact form below. Name, which until recently appeared to me more like something given to me by my parents. But I was reminded that it also carries the codes for the mission and essence of me and is a choice of mine at a higher level. A level, at which I would say I AM JOY, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING.

Welcome once again, come on in, the door opens to the inside!